Monday, December 18, 2017

Magickal Monday #56

Guardian Grumpy Cat

Pick an object that you want to be protected. If it fits, the object can be placed on your altar. If it's big, like your house or vehicle, you can go outside to look at it, or you look at a picture of it while you work. Envision Grumpy Cat superimposed over your object. See her sitting on your Book of Shadows guarding its secrets, or towering over your house. Visualize people seeing Grumpy Cat and backing away, or even turning and running!

This does work. I had a frienemy move into the neighborhood. Not long after I set Grumpy Cat up to guard my house, especially from her, she moved.

Caring for Grumpy
Guardian Grumpy Cat, her official title by the way  , is a spirit cat, and thus should be mostly treated like any other spirit and any other cat. Leave offerings for Grumpy just like you would any other spirit, the difference being that you offer items you would give to any pet cat. Think along the lines of cat food, catnip, stuffed mice, small balls that contain bells, etc.. You don't have to give Grumpy physical items, astral items work as well. You can pet her too. 

You can ask your Guardian Grumpy Cat to guard against specific people as well as to allow certain people access to your things. If you do set something up with specific people, don't forget to tell Grumpy Cat if you decide to give that person different permissions. For example, if someone has previously not been on Grumpy's "good list," and they're suddenly in your home a lot, they're not going to be very comfortable if you didn't tell Grumpy that it's okay for that person to be in your house. You can change your mind at any time, just remember to tell Grumpy Cat. 

*Note: The original "Guardian Grumpy Cat" was written in spring of 2014. "Caring for Grumpy" was written October 7, 2015.

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