Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Magickal Monday #55

Zero Fucks: End Of A Relationship Ritual

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This can be used for any relationship that has ended on a sour note, be it romantic, platonic, a business relationship, etc.. You are cutting all ties so that you can move on in a healthy way.
Timing: 8 days, starting & ending on Sunday
Supplies: Small candle. Should be large enough to burn for at least a few minutes each of the 8 days. Color is unimportant, but if you'd like you could choose black for endings or blue for healing.
Paper. Can use 1 large piece cut or torn into 8 smaller pieces. 8 scraps works just as well. The only requirement is that they're at least large enough to write your target's name on.
Fireproof container to safely burn the papers.
Extra: Colored pens or paper. Not necessary, but you can use a color associated with your target's zodiac sign, or even a color you personally associate with them. Perhaps they're the only person you know that drives a dark green car? Or maybe they wear a neon yellow windbreaker no one else would b caught dead in?
You can write the name of your target on each slip of paper before the entire ritual, or you can do it at the beginning of each night.
Starting on a Sunday night, light the candle and think of your target. Think of how the relationship ended and why. Think of how it makes you feel. Do not try to lessen the pain by thinking of the good times, nor dwell on what could have been had things worked out in a way you would have wanted. Take this as things being as they were meant to be.
Build up your emotions and when they peak, pour them into the paper. Light the paper while saying:
    "In the name of the Sun,
    Zero fucks given,
    Zero fucks returned."
Each night repeat the process, calling upon the appropriate planet each night.
Sunday - Sun
Monday - Moon
Tuesday - Mars
Wednesday - Mercury
Thursday - Jupiter
Friday - Venus
Saturday - Saturn
On the last night, which will be the following Sunday, the words change:
    "In the name of my greatest good,
    Zero fucks given,
    Zero fucks returned."
After the last strip of paper has burned, gather the ashes and the remains of the candle. Bury them somewhere you aren't likely to come back to or think about. Out of sight, out of mind.
If you find you find yourself still thinking of the relationship afterward, acknowledge the thought, let it go and move on. You can visual yourself reenacting the ritual. Do other things you enjoy to keep your mind off the relationship.

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