Monday, November 6, 2017

Magickal Monday #52

Thrifty Witch Dream Pillows

Dryer sheets
Pillow with case

Not crafty? Can't afford the supplies right now? Well, this was made with minimal budget and skill. Enjoy! 😁  

Buy some dryer sheets. It's a good investment since you can use the extras for laundry. Look for dryer sheets that include scents like lavender, vanilla or sandalwood. I have "white lavender and sandalwood" scented dryer sheets by Snuggle.
Take on dryer sheet and stick it in you pillow case on top of the pillow, right about where you normally lay your head. If you flip your pillow over often, why not add a second dryer sheet to the case on the other side of the pillow?
All done!

Want to add a little magick?

Correspondences for dreaming and sleep:
Moon phase -  Waxing to full
Planets -  Moon, Sun
Day -  Monday
Elements -  Fire, water
Deities -  Caer Ibormeith, Hypnos, Ikelos, Morpheus, Nodens, Nyx, Phantasos, Phobetor 

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