Monday, October 30, 2017

Magickal Monday #51

Warm Wishes Tea
*I thought this name had a nicer ring than "Get Well Tea." I made this tea the night before I had first published it, hoping to make my then sweetie feel better.
1 bag Green tea
1 bag Orange blossom hibiscus tea
Sugar (optional)
1 big cup (think tall coffee cup)
Visualization skill
Place the tea bags into the cup and pour hot tap water over them, filling the cup most of the way, but not completely full. Place the cup in the microwave for approximately 1 minute 30 seconds. If your cup's handle becomes hot, please use caution. Either use a pot holder, or let the cup sit in the microwave until cool. Add a bit of honey to your cup. I’d use about 2 tablespoons for a big cup. The purpose of the honey isn't to sweeten the tea, it’s just a healthy ingredient. The sugar is optional if the bit of honey added makes the tea sweet enough for you or someone else. Before drinking the tea yourself, or giving the tea to someone else, you’re going to use visualization. Carefully hold the cup and imagine it surrounded by white light. Pour all your feelings of warm wishes, happiness, blessings, etc., into the white light. See the light slowly pour into the tea. Drink, or share, and enjoy! 
*New addition October 2017:
If I suggest microwaving something, such as this or my Yuletide Chai, please note that you can make it using other methods. I microwave everything I can get away with because I'm impatient. 😆
In fact, you can tailor pretty much all of my spells and rituals to suit your needs. I encourage you to make things work for you, whether it's my material or that of someone else. Just remember to look into why something is done a certain way, before making changes. Above all else, have fun! ☺

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