Monday, October 23, 2017

Magickal Monday #50

Personal Water Recipes

Empower some water on a night that the moon is in your personal moon sign. Sun water can also be made pretty much the same way, just with the sun in your sun sign.

If you don't know what your moon or sun sign is, you can get a natal chart that will tell you where all the heavenly bodies were in the sky when you were born. For example, my moon sign is Virgo and my sun sign is Sagittarius. Here's a link to a site that will give you a free natal chart and an interpretation.

You could make several different batches of this water depending on what phase the moon was in when it was in your sign.  

New Moon, use for:  New beginnings of any sort, beauty, health, personal improvement or new employment.

Waxing Moon, use for:  Courage, motivation, inspiration, friendship, elemental magick, healing or luck.

Full Moon, use for:  Artistic projects, love, romance, fertility, psychic abilities or making decisions. Also healing, guidance, and completion spells.

Waning Moon, use for:  Banishing bad habits, addictions, or ending relationships.

Dark Moon, use for:  Healing, renewal, psychic spells. A good time to meditate on the inner self.

You could also make different batches for different purposes depending on what day the full moon occurred, what day the sun entered your sign etc.

Anniversary water can be made on a special day or night, like your birthday, the day you first started practicing magick/Witchcraft/Wicca etc., or the day you were initiated.

Sabbat water can be made during the sabbats and used either for sabbat specific workings, or for rituals that share a theme with a particular sabbat.

This list is to get you started. I'm sure you can come up with other ways to personalize charged water.  😎  

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