Monday, October 16, 2017

Magickal Monday #49

This spell is similar to its predecessor. The difference is that with this spell you are specifically sending love, but what kind of love is up to you. There is romantic love, family love and friendship love, just to name a few.
*This was inspired by  "Inner peace for another"  written by Moonface. Thank you for the inspiration.  

Sending My Love Spell 2

1 pink taper candle
Olive oil (or any of the oils listed below if you're not allergic to them)
Pink ribbon
1 pen/pencil/crayon/marker (pink if possible)
A picture of your loved one, something that belongs to them, or something that reminds you of them (optional)

1) Take a ritual bath, adding any of the plants listed below to the tub.

2) Anoint your forehead and heart with the oil, making sure to banish all negative thoughts.

3) At this point, you can create ritual space, cast a circle, call the quarters, and invoke a deity if you wish. If you do invoke a deity, make sure that at some point you specify to them what type of love you're sending. You don't want to accidentally send romantic love to a sibling.  

4) Carve the name of your loved one into the side of the candle, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top.

5) Anoint the candle in a manner of drawing things in. Though there are a couple ways to do this, for this spell you will lightly rub the oil from the bottom of the candle up, just as you carved your loved one's name from the bottom to the top.

6) Light the candle and place it on your altar. If you have any of the optional items listed above, place them on the altar as well. Spend a little time thinking of your loved one.

7) Write your loved one's name on the ribbon and tie it into a bow, to represent the infinity symbol.

8) Spend some time holding the ribbon in your hands and imagine your loved one feeling the love that you are sending to him/her.

9) Pin or tie the ribbon in your hair for a week. Or you can keep it in your pocket.

10) Extinguish the candle and keep it for step 13. You can also use it with step 12.

11) If you have done step 3, go ahead and release the deity and energies you called.

12) Before bed each night, take some time to visualize your loved one surrounded by your love, feeling happy and at peace. You can add in any other good thoughts you can think of for them. If you want to, you can also light the candle during this step.  

13) After the last day of the week that you have had the ribbon with you, use the pink candle to burn the ribbon. The ashes can be scattered in the wind, buried, or if you have a favorite house plant, put it into the soil. The candle can either be burned down, if there's any left at this point, or you can bury it.

14) About a week later, do a nice gesture for your loved one to remind them they are loved, and deserve to feel love and all the good things you wish for them. You might want to give them a small gift, bake some cookies, share a home cooked meal, a shoulder to cry on, whatever they need that you can give.  

Correspondences for "Sending My Love Spell 2"

Plants:  apple, apricot, bleeding heart, chamomile, cherry, cinnamon, crocus, daffodil, daisy, geranium, hyacinth, jasmine, lavender, lemon, lime, orange, orchid, pansy, peach, plum, primrose, raspberry, rose, strawberry, tulip, vanilla, violet
Day:  Friday
Planetary Hour:  Venus
Moon Phase:  full
Astrological Sign:  Libra
Totem Animal:  Swan
Oils:  apple blossom, coriander, cyclamen, rose, violet
Incense:  apple, cherry, dragon's blood, ginseng, jasmine, lavender, rose, strawberry 

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