Monday, October 9, 2017

Magickal Monday #48

Simple Holy Water
Water (whether you use tap water, purified water or rain water is a personal preference)
A container (I recommend a cup)
Salt (sea or table salt will work)
*When I make this, I usually make it in either a cup or in my bath tub because I'm fond of bathing in holy water when I don't feel well. My reason for making it in a cup most of the time is that it allows for easy stirring.
Pour the water into a container. Add a few few pinches of salt. Stir the water deosil three times with the index finger of your dominant hand, saying the following as you do:
"Three times round,
three times bound,
I consecrate thee, holy water."
Imagine the container filling with bright, white light.
Pretty simple, right? 😄

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