Monday, September 11, 2017

Magickal Monday #44

Gum Meditation

One of the easiest ways to meditate and raise energy is to do something mindless and repetitive.
1. Choose a goal.
2. Pick a corresponding flavor of gum.
3. As you unwrap the gum, chant the following: “With this gum, my will is done.”
4. Place the gum in your mouth. Focus on you goal as you chew, until you are no longer aware of your goal or the fact that you are chewing the gum.
5. Keep chewing until you finally notice that you are chewing the gum and that it has run out of flavor.
6. Get rid of the gum and say the following words: “With this gum, my will is done. So mote it be!”

Gum flavors and their uses:
Apple – Binding, divination, enchantment, happiness, healing, health, longevity, love, peace
Banana - Fertility, lust, prosperity, strength
Blackberry - Abundance, money, prosperity, protection  
Blueberry - Peace, prosperity, protection, tranquility  
Cinnamon – Children, divination, dream magick, employment, energy, friendship, healing, health, justice, love, luck, lust, marriage(strengthen), money, prosperity, protection, psychic awareness, psychic powers, spirituality, success
Cherry – Creativity, divination, love, lust  
Grape - Fertility, mental powers, money, prosperity  
Kiwi (usually paired with another flavor) - Fertility, love  
Lemon – Energy, health, home, love, protection, purification  
Lime (found as key lime or paired with another flavor) – Energy, happiness, healing, love, protection, purification  
Mango - Happiness, spirituality  
Orange – Divination, energy, fortune, happiness, health, home, justice, love, luck, magick power, money, psychic awareness, purification  
Peach (usually paired with another flavor) - Fertility, harmony, love, spirituality  
Peppermint – Breaking bad habits, dream magick, healing, health, love, protection, psychic awareness, psychic powers, purification, spirituality, travel
Pineapple (usually paired with another flavor) - Luck, prosperity, protection  
Raspberry - Courage, healing, love, protection, strength  
Spearmint – Healing, health, love, mental powers, protection, purification
Strawberry - Happiness, love, luck, peace 

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