Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Magickal Monday #43

Calendar Divination

1 standard wall hanging calendar
An assortment of items to represent different events (good days, bad days, etc.) The items should be small enough to fit in each square. You will want to have 2 or 3 of each item.
A pouch or bag (the size depends on the size & quantity of your symbols)

*This is a cast based system, so if your symbols aren't uniform (size, shape, color), don't worry.

To do a monthly divination, cast on the last day of a month to determine the new month ahead.
To empower your items, you will want to do such while the moon is full or in Pisces

Part 1: Preparation
1. Choose your symbols. Pick 2 or 3 items to represent each idea & make sure its small enough to fit in a single calendar square.
Suggested items (coins, stones, shells, buttons, game pieces, candy)
Suggested symbols (good day, bad day, lucky day, good day for love, yes/no)
2. Make or buy a pouch that's large enough to hold all of your items. A drawstring pouch is perfect because you can hang it up right by your calendar.
3. If you want your calendar to include moon phases & moon signs, this is the time to include them if your calendar doesn't already have that information printed on it. You can find this information in an almanac or online.
4. Cleanse & empower all of your items.

Part 2: Divination
1. Lay your calendar on a flat surface with the month you are divining laying face up. If you want to, you can lay a piece of yellow paper or cloth under your calendar, as yellow represents divination.
2. Prepare your pouch. If you are doing a monthly divination, use all of your items except for the ones that represent yes & no. (the yes/no divination will be explained below)
3. Concentrate on the month ahead as you shake the pouch.
4. Cast the items by gently shaking the bag over the calendar. Wherever each item lands, record each result.
For example, if your symbol for a good day lands on the fifteenth, write something like "good day" in that square.
5. If you wish to find out if you should perform a task at a specific time (day, moon phase, moon sign), place only the items that represent yes & no in the pouch. Cast the items onto the calendar. The item that lands closest to the time in question is your answer.

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