Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Suns Plays With My Altar

I decided to share this in an attempt to break up the monotony of just sharing spells. 😋 This was my altar yesterday morning. It's the first time my big altar has sat so close to a window, and it gets a streak of sun during most mornings. I took this some time around 11:00 AM. The colored spots on the wall were made by the sun shining on my pentagram necklace. The stones on the necklace are pink, Aurora Borealis crystals.
Yesterday was the first time I saw this lovely phenomena, because I am usually asleep at that time of day. I'm currently nocturnal because of the season as well as my boyfriend's schedule. Another lovely sight occurs around 9:30 AM. During that time, the sun shines on two of my crystals, a piece of flourite and a rose quartz. Both glow nicely. Sadly, it's something that I wasn't able to capture well with my tablet's camera.

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