Monday, August 21, 2017

Magickal Monday #41

I know that having lit candles and incense isn't always an option, so here is an alternative. This isn't entirely a new concept, but I threw in a few extras that I haven't seen done before.
Candle wax (You can use any kind you want, even used candle wax)
Metal can (I'd stick with the average sized can that soup and veggies come in, just cuz it's easy to handle)
Pan (big enough for the can to fit in)
Water (just a couple cups. You don't want the can to float around and tip over)
Oven mitt (for safety reasons)
Newspaper (to cover your work area)
Wooden skewer (for stirring)
Coffee cup (I used an old glass one. I'm not sure how any other material would work, as I haven't tried anything else yet. I guess if it's sturdy and can withstand heat you can use it.)
Oils (this works better than herbs)
Candle warmer
1.  Wash and dry your can and coffee cup. Be very careful throughout this process if your can has sharp edges
2.  Break or cut the wax into small pieces that will fit easily into the can. Don't overfill the can. Leave at least an inch from the top empty.
3.  I recommend sitting the can inside the pan before adding the water. Add the water slowly and carefully so that the can doesn't tip over. I made that mistake and had to start over.
4.  Heat the can on the stove on medium-low. It won't take long to melt the wax. Do not leave the room.
5.  Once the wax has completely melted, turn off the stove and carefully remove the pan.
6.  Using an oven mitt, pick the can up and carefully pour the wax into the coffee cup. Don't overfill the cup. Leave at least an inch from the top empty.
7.  While the wax is still liquid, pour a couple drops of scented oil into the cup and stir gently with a skewer. I recommend oils instead of oils because the herbs will end up sinking to the bottom of the cup.
8.  Try to avoid touching the cup until it has cooled completely. My cup's handle didn't get hot, but your results may vary. 
You may have noticed that I didn't add a wick. This isn't meant to be a candle. This is for use with a candle warmer. 
If you want to anoint this for a ritual, add oils that you have blessed to the wax or rub a little blessed oil to the rim of the cup.
This is a safe way to have a pleasant scent for rituals especially if you can't have lit candles or incense.
If you are concerned about using an electrical appliance in a circle, candle warmers come in both electrical and battery operated varieties. The battery operated kind would be good for outdoor circles, especially if you live in an area with a lot of dry grass or you live in a area where you can't have bonfires.
*This should be good for people with asthma since there is no smoke involved. Since neither anyone in my house, nor I have asthma, I can't attest to this a hundred percent. 

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