Monday, July 24, 2017

Magickal Monday #37

Jinx Jar

Purpose: Similar to my Hell Jar, but "lighter" if you will. Rather than having your target go through Hell, this time you'll be setting your target up for some inconveniences.

Paper (small scraps would be perfect for this, or you could cut up some strips or squares)
Scissors (if you need to cut the paper)
Writing utensils
Container (Jinx Jar has a nice ring to it, but a bottle, box, bag, etc. will work)
Something small that belongs to your target (If the item doesn't fit in the container, get a bigger container 😜 or use a paper with their name)
Person's name(doesn't have to be their whole name), birth date, or URL of their blog, website, etc..
*If you know their birth date, you could coordinate the color of the paper or ink with their astrological sign. You can find my list of colors associated with the signs here. If you're using a URL why not use one of the colors of their website?
**If you do use a piece of paper with the target's name, try to use paper that is a different color than the rest. Otherwise, when you go to take this piece of paper out of the container, it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. 😆

On every piece of paper write down a jinx or inconvenience. Don't use major incidents or damage, that's what my Hell Jar is for. Just write down some stuff that's minor and mildly irritating. (suggestions below)
Drop the papers into the jar or container. If you need to fold any of the papers, fold them so that the writing is on the outside. You can fill the jar as full as you wish, just make sure that it's fairly easy to remove the target's item or piece of paper.
Drop in the target's item or piece of paper. Leave it in there as long as you see fit. Perhaps until you think they've learned their lesson or until you're tired of hearing about their bad luck. 

Suggested Jinxes:
You spill your coffee.
You run out of gas.
You sleep through your alarm.
Your food is cold.
You spill your beverage.
You miss your ride.
Check out for more ideas.

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