Monday, July 10, 2017

Magickal Monday #35

Hell Jar

Do you want your target to go through Hell? Pop their likeness into the Hell jar. Give the jar a vigorous shake and visualize Hell working its magick. The people around the target won't see what's going on.

Jar or bottle with a large enough opening to easily place things in
Paper (at least one piece to write your target's name on. You can also use paper to decorate the jar)
Paint to decorate the jar
Items to symbolize a hellish experience (suggestions below)
Gloves (if you use sharp objects to make this)
Wax (optional)
Music (get yourself worked up!)

First, decorate the inside of the jar. You'll want the inside to look like Hell. Perhaps you can paint the inside of the jar orange or wrap the jar in orange paper.

Next, after things have dried, decorate the outside. What you'll want is to make sure that you can't see inside the jar at all. Here you have a little more leeway. Perhaps you'll want to decorate with things for other people to see when they look at your target. Think about it, your target is in utter Hell and all everyone around them can seem to think about is fluffy bunnies. Or maybe they've suddenly become invisible because everyone just sees darkness when they look at the target.

Take a piece of paper and write your target's name on it. Add their birthday too if you know it.

Fill the jar or bottle about half full with items to symbolize a hellish experience. Add the paper with the target's name, then keep filling the jar. Don't fill the jar completely. You'll want the items to rattle around when the jar is shaken.

If you want to, you can seal the jar or bottle shut with wax. You could use red or black. If you only want to torment your target for a short time, skip the wax so that you can later release your target from Hell.

Whether you seal the jar or not, please keep it out of the reach of children and pets. If the jar breaks, the contents can be harmful.

If you do intend to release your target, be very careful about getting the piece of paper with their name out. You may get hurt if you put sharp objects in the jar. Carefully spread the contents out onto a piece of newspaper and pick the paper out with a pair of tweezers. If you plan to reuse the jar, carefully pour the contents back in the jar. If you don't plan to reuse the jar, carefully wrap the items in the newspaper in dispose of them safely.

Suggested Hell symbols:
Foods that are hot or spicy: chili peppers, jalapenos, hot sauce, cumin, etc.
Sharp objects: pins, needles, razor blades, broken glass, etc.
Things the target hates or is uncomfortable with: Is your target allergic to onions? Pour some onions or onion power into the jar. Maybe your target can't stand the color pink. Instead of putting your target into an orange, fiery Hell, paint the inside of the jar pink.
Take some pieces of paper and write down on each piece one thing that the target has done wrong. Add the papers to the jar. When you shake the jar, your target is getting hit with the bad things they have done. That's Karma kicking ass and taking names.
Blow some smoke into the jar right before closing it to simulate suffocating.

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