Monday, July 3, 2017

Magickal Monday #34

Echo's House Blessing Ritual

Elemental representations (You can have something for each element but you can work with just salt water and lit incense.)
Altar tools (you will be setting up a temporary altar and working with pentagrams. Use what you feel comfortable with.)
Bell or similar tool for breaking up negativity
Protection herbs or black salt

1. Choose a place to set up your altar. Some suggested places are a room in the very center of the house, near a hearth/fireplace, or the kitchen. Wherever you choose to set up your altar, make sure that it's not in your way, as you will be moving in and out of the room repeatedly.

2. The first item you will be taking through the house with you is a bell or similar tool. Other tools to consider are drums, rattles, chimes, etc. These tools are believed to break up lingering negativity. Go into each room and slowly walk around in a widdershins (counterclockwise) Direction. As you walk, ring the bell and chant the following:
“I ring this bell within this space
So that negativity will leave this place.”

3. Take the protection herbs or black salt with you next. This time you will walk around each room in a deosil (clockwise) direction. As you walk, sprinkle the herbs or black salt on the floor and chant the following:
“All that I seek
I shall find
All that I desire
Shall be mine.”

4. Next, you will take an elemental representation from your altar with you into each room, to bless and purify with the power of each element. If you want to speed this step up a bit, you can do as I did and go through each room with salt water for earth and water, and a lit stick of incense for air and fire. Walk through each room in a deosil direction, chanting the following for each element:
“I cleanse this space with ____ (earth, air, fire, water)
That it may be made sacred.
Blessed Be.”

5. Now you will bring with you a tool to direct energy with. This can be your wand, athame, or even the index finger of your perceiving hand (dominant) hand. In every room, you will draw an invoking pentagram at every door and window. Move through the room in a deosil direction. You should also draw pentagrams over anything else that connects to the outside, such as vents, fireplaces, drains, and even the toilet.

6. Return all of you tools to the altar. Spend some time before the altar communing with the Divine. Ask the God and Goddess for protection, using the following prayer or something similar:
“Goddess, bless this home
Keep it safe from those who
would think to harm its inhabitants
God, bless this home
Keep it safe from those who
would act to harm its inhabitants
Lord and Lady, keep us safe
in your love and peace
Blessed be!”

7. Dismantle the temporary altar. Leave a libation or small token in the yard. A suggestion would be to leave either one near the entrance of the home or at the base of a tree or other plant.

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