Monday, May 29, 2017

Magickal Monday #29

Elemental House Cleansing Visualization

Sorry for the long title, but it's accurate.  😳

1. Start off by visualizing your house with dirt spots on everything. If you want to, add other stains, even Witchy ones like red wine and candle wax.  
2. Pick an element. The order isn't important. We'll do earth, air, fire, water, and then Spirit. If you don't usually work with spirit, you don't need to for this visualization.
3. Visualize each element passing through your house, each erasing some of the stains as they pass. The last element will get rid of the last of the stains.
A. Visualize earth as plants and green light growing through you house.
B. Visualize air as clouds, feathers and yellow light blowing through your house.
C. Visualize fire as flames and red light burning through your house.
D. Visualize water as waves and blue light flowing through your house.
E. Visualize Spirit as white light glowing throughout your house.

This is fully customizable. Feel free to use your own correspondences for the elements. Maybe you'd like to visualize the elementals passing through your house. You can also engage your other senses. Maybe you'll smell the salty ocean as water passes through. Maybe you'll feel the heat of the flames as fire passes through.

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