Saturday, April 22, 2017


Well, it took a couple of days, but I put together a book list. It's more complete and a tad more organized than my previously published list. I consider it a work in progress since I'm going to be reading until I die 😜, and there are a few books that aren't listed because I wanted this published already and I didn't feel like tracking down the titles of the books I don't own and don't have a "handy" record of reading. "Handy" meaning that I could find it easily on my computer or online rather than having to go look for copied notes in my bedroom.

The page also includes a photograph of most of the books I own. I tried making the photo look Witchy, so forgive if I fail terribly. 😏 I've been meaning to photograph my collection for a couple years now, so I get a cookie for finally doing it.

On a somewhat unrelated note, today is the fourth anniversary of the day I quit smoking. What relates these two topics is that much of my book collection was bought as presents to myself for quitting smoking, for my first anniversary and the third. For my second anniversary I bought hair dye to have rainbow hair, and this year I bought rainbow shoes. I guess this means I get more books next year. 😆

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