Monday, March 27, 2017

Magickal Monday #20

I wrote this in 2012, when I first got my pet ferret Sock. All of the pet blessings I've seen were written for cats & dogs. I've written this so that you can easily change the words to apply to your pet.
A Prayer For Your Pet
"Lord and Lady,
Protectors of animals great and small
I ask for blessings upon your creature, (pet's name & species)
Give him/her health, may he/she never know sickness or pain,
Give him/her longevity, that we may grow and learn together
Give him/her physical energy and strength to enjoy all animal adventures
Give him/her protection from harm and keep him/her safe
Lord and Lady,
Thank you for my beloved pet,
I will always treasure him/her
Blessed Be!"
Correspondences for health, longevity, physical energy/strength & protection
Colors: green, red, white
Stones: jasper, tiger's eye
Plants: carnation, lavender, sage, willow 

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