Monday, March 20, 2017

Magickal Monday #19

Jellybean Blessing
From a bag of jelly beans, take out one bean of every color for yourself, as a libation, and for any other participants. For each bean you will give thanks for an aspect of spring, and ask for a blessing.
Red - warmer weather - health
Pink - Easter toys/clothes - happiness
Orange - Ostara's opposite Mabon - creativity
Yellow - bright sunshine - confidence
Green - lush grass - prosperity
Blue - clear skies - luck
Purple - pretty flowers - wisdom
Black - shorter nights - protection
White - fluffy clouds - success
1. Create ritual space.
2. Cast a circle.
3. Call the quarters.
4. Invoke a deity of Ostara.
5. Empower the jelly beans asking for blessings.
6. Take a bean and say out loud which aspect of spring it represents and ask for a blessing. Ex. "With this jellybean so red, I honor Spring's warmer weather and ask (invoked deity) for good health for myself and those I love."
Option: If you wish to make this an act of communion, serve fruit or vegetable juice to each participant, and as a libation.
7. Thank deity and the quarters, and release the energies.
8. Close the circle.
9. Take the libation outside to leave the offering in a favorite spot.

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