Monday, March 13, 2017

Magickal Monday #18

Fire Water for Ostara
*This is based on Silver RavenWolf's Fire Water recipe from her book "Solitary Witch." I have elaborated on it for specific purposes.
Ostara is a solar driven sabbat and it marks the passage of the sun from mutable water sign Pisces to the cardinal fire sign Aries. This water is used to turn away or bring love and creativity, so I think its perfect for a spring cleaning ritual.
1 small taper candle or birthday candle
1 bottle of spring water
1 bowl
1 bundle of herbs to asperge with or an empty spray bottle
Color: To remove negativity use black, to bring love use pink, to bring creativity use orange
Herb: Angelica: banishing - Sun/fire, Basil: love, banishing - Mars/fire
Stone(optional): Rose quartz - love, Emerald - love & repels negativity, Halite(salt) - banishing
Oil(optional): Patchouli - repels negativity, Rose - love, Vervain - creativity
1. Cleanse and bless a candle (a small taper candle or birthday candle will work since you won't have it lit long). If you wish, you may dress the candle with one of the above listed oils. Place the candle outside, or in a sunny window for an hour to empower it.
2. Pour the spring water into the bowl. You may wish to either use the spring water as is, or make it into holy water using your own preferred method.
3. Using your hand, wand or athame, draw the invoking fire pentagram in the air over the empowered candle. Light the candle. If you wish, as you light the candle say the following: "Spirits of fire, work my will by my desire!"
4. Quickly, and CAREFULLY, douse the burning candle in the water.
5. You can now use a bundle of herbs to sprinkle the water around your home (asperge), or you can pour the water into a spray bottle and use it that way, adding a stone or crystal to the bottle if you wish.

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