Monday, February 27, 2017

Magickal Monday #16

Astral Potions

*These can be made for any purpose: love, money, luck, happiness, etc. I'll be using strength as an example. My supplies include nails, rocks and the tarot cards Strength, the Emperor and Temperance.
Anything you feel represents your potion's purpose

1. Create sacred space. 

2. Put your cauldron on you altar and place your items into it. If some things don't fit, it's ok, you can place them around your cauldron. You'll see why soon.

3. If you want to cast a circle in the physical realm, you may. I feel that this option should be based on personal preference since you will be working in the astral realm and casting a circle there. 

4. Get comfortable, meditate and do any other personal preparations to project to the astral realm. Where you go in the astral realm to perform this is up to you. Many people have an astral temple that they've constructed for magickal purposes. 

5. Prepare your astral space just as you would your physical space; with purification, circle construction, quarter calls, and deity invocation.

6. Take a moment to envision your cauldron in its astral form. It looks just like your physical cauldron, but with one special difference: this cauldron can be manipulated. If your physical cauldron was too small to hold all of your supplies, your astral cauldron can be manipulated to be the right size. 

7. Meditate on the contents of you cauldron and the goal you want to achieve. Think about why you want this. 

8. Visualize the contents of your cauldron slowly turning to liquid. See their very essence become what you seek. For example: I visualize the nails, rocks and tarot cards turn into a potion imbued with strength. 

9. Now visualize the liquids swirling together to make the best potion for your goal. See the potion become a color associated with your goal. For example: My potion for strength is gold. As your potion swirls and mixes, say the following: 
"Double, Double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble. (Goal) I seek, (goal) I shall find. (Goal) I now claim as mine!" 

10. Pick up you astral cauldron and drink your potion directly from it. If your astral cauldron is big and feels cumbersome to drink from, it can be manipulated to a smaller size if you wish. As you drink, visualize your body glowing the same color as your potion. It doesn't matter if you want a little or a lot of your potion, your astral cauldron will give you as much or as little as you want. When you have had as much of the potion as you want, visualize more potion in the cauldron to leave as a libation. 

11. Thank deity and the quarters and dismiss them, and release the circle. 

12. Return to your body and return to consciousness as you prefer. 

13. Leave your cauldron and its contents on your altar for a while to remind you of your ritual. 

*The first two lines of my chant are copied from "Macbeth" by William Shakespeare.

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