Monday, February 13, 2017

Magickal Monday #14

A Shielding Visualization

I didn't create this myself, exactly, but rather it wrote itself. It's very pretty, so I'm sharing. 

1) Visualize your shield as a white bubble that surrounds your body. It's more oblong than round; more shaped like you than shaped like a sphere. This is your shield as is, before maintenance.
2) See various cords, tentacles, vines, etc., sticking out of your shield. These are any little nasty things that are trying to cling to your energy. You're going to want to sever these connections.
3) Starting at the top of your shield, see a halo or bright green laser light appear. You are going to move this light down your shield. Watch it destroy anything negative that is clinging to your shield.
4) Now that the connections to negativity have been severed, you'll want to clear away any other negativity that's in your shield. Visualize lumps of brown goo become trapped in glass orbs, and get expelled from your shield. After each orb fully emerges, see it fall to the ground and shatter. Listen to the glass break.
5) Time to clean up the mess. Feel a gentle breeze start to blow. You can work with the wind of any direction. I used Eastern wind since it's typically associated with the element air. The breeze will come and touch the mess. When it does touch, the broken glass and the bits of brown goo will become purified and turn into pure, white feathers. The feathers will blow off into the universe to spread positive energy.
6) Imagine your shield with a silver mirror-like surface on the outside. Negativity will float toward your shield, but it will bounce off and go elsewhere, even back to it's source.
7) Now see the mirror on the inside of your shield as well, but this time, the mirror is fluid. Negativity from yourself will simply flow out of your shield as if passing through water. Positive energy will not only flow through your shield, some of it will reflect back to you.
8) Look forward and see positive energy come toward you. It is in the form of white butterflies. The butterflies easily pass through your shield. Anything you deem worthy will pass through your shield without resistance.

All done!  😊

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