Thursday, February 16, 2017

Imbolc And Such

I didn't do anything Imbolc specific this year. Actually, a lot of the time my sabbats consist of me acknowledging the season, decorating the altar and/or performing a spell or ritual that needs to be done. I don't really time my spells much. If I do something on the sabbats, it's not “hey this is the time of year to move from introspection to manifestation,” for me it's “I should do this, might as well use the energy that's built up around this day.” That's not to say that I don't time my spells, but for me it's just easier to do them as the needs arises.

In January, I ordered some stones and crystals. I bought a piece of aqua aura quartz, a bag of mixed, tumbled stones, 50 grams of clear quartz, 100 grams of black tourmaline, and 100 grams of fluorite. The aqua aura quartz is disappointingly tiny. I knew I wasn't going to get anything big for the price I paid, but I didn't think it would be so skinny. “A Simple Item Cleansing” came about as a result of my cleansing the aura quartz. I wrapped it in a bit of wire and made it into a heart shaped charm. I plan to glue it to the wire since it seems a bit loose. I'm afraid of losing it. 😨

The clear quartz and tourmaline were bought to be used together. I swear I saw on Pinterest that the two could be used together to promote balance, but after I placed my order I couldn't find the post. Just my luck. I plan on taking a few pieces and pairing them together to go with my physical wards and perhaps my wall mounted candle holder.

I see now that I never followed up on my wards post. The pieces of marble didn't want to be separated. I guess that makes sense since they are just one broken piece. I put them back on the altar and deprogrammed them. I'm not sure what to do with them, but I did have a broken piece of clear quartz that I sat with the marble. I thought maybe the similar energies would go good together.

I just got the fluorite today. I was hoping for pieces that were both green and purple. Instead I got mostly blue-green pieces, one tiny purple chip and a chip that looks similar to the shade of green of old Coca-cola bottles. They are mostly chips and one big chunk. All of the raw crystals had a bit of dust in their bags that I'd like to add to my little plastic hour glass bottle. I've been wanting to find a way to incorporate that bottle into my Witchcraft for years, but it's still sitting in a box. The big chunk of fluorite will probably go with some other stones I'd like to use as a chakra set.

The bag of tumbled stones includes: rose quartz, onyx, lapis, howlite, orange aventurine, green aventurine, kyanite, and what I believe is brecciated jasper. I'm glad to have another piece of rose quartz since I use it often. I'll have to get some more hematite for that reason as well. The thing I love about the rose quartz is that it's such a pale pink that it's hardly noticeable. I sometimes have to hold it against something white in order to see the pink. So far, it's one of three that are being used already. The other two are a piece of the howlite and a piece of the green aventurine. The tumbled stones arrived in the mail on Imbolc and I thought it would be nice to dedicate a stone to Brighid, so she picked out the howlite. Then before I knew it, Odin wanted the green aventurine. Great! Now I've got something on the altar to represent specific deities rather than just The Lord and The Lady as non-specific archetypes. But then I thought “Wait a sec, what about Kali and Athena, shouldn't they get stones?” I don't know who answered me but They basically said “Kali has the tiger puzzle and Athena has Spells the owl.” Okay. As long as everyone is happy.

The clear quartz and the black tourmaline were cleansed during the full moon by sitting on my windowsill. I'm unsure about the fluorite right now. I might either find a good time to cleanse all of the pieces of fluorite on their own, or I might just take the big chunk and cleanse it together with the other stones that will make a chakra set.

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