Friday, January 6, 2017

Renewing Wards

Sorry for the quality. My tablet doesn't take pretty pictures. 😡

As I was setting up the altar, I realized that I've been keeping things in the wrong order. Not that there's necessarily a right or wrong way to have your altar laid out, unless of course you follow a tradition that asks for a particular set up. I'm Eclectic, but I do try to keep my elemental symbols in the correct quarters. I'm so used to Step-Grandpa being in the back that I forgot that I rearranged the room, and placed the altar against the West wall. I had to shift everything ninety degrees.

I had originally planned to charge them on Samhain, attempting to stick with tradition. I forgot. It's been just a few days over a year since I've moved into this house, so I figured the timing was almost as good as Samhain.

I won't go into detail about what everything is on here, but I'll point out a couple of things:

The jar and the ball are my main wards. Historically, witch jars/bottles/balls etc. were used as a means to keep witches away. In modern times, some witches use them as a means of protection. I've read about witches burying them on their property, but since I move too frequently for my tastes, I don't feel that burying them is practical.

Common ingredients used in the bottles (I use bottles/jars/balls interchangeably) are sharp items, rusty items and urine. These kinds of bottles work wonderfully, as I keep away from making mine like that. I'm not squeamish, but since mine are in the house, I don't want them breaking and potentially causing any harm beyond that of broken glass.

Both bottles contain more or less the same items. The ball, of late, is kept in my bedroom hanging from my curtain rod. It has a more calm energy. The bottle sits in the kitchen, typically on or near the window, or on or near the kitchen altar. It seems to have developed a bit of a hyper energy. I was confused at first as to why they each felt different, but then I realized that the bottle would pick up more energy in a more active space. I imagine that it's also picked up on vibes from the neighbors to the West. 😐

Actually, I haven't thought of the kitchen shelf as an altar lately and I wonder if perhaps I should stop calling it that for now. 😔

My broken piece of marble will be put into service as wards. I plan to keep one piece on the windowsill and the other in the bag that hangs from the door.

Three of my pieces of blue lace agate and an orange agate will be placed around the room at roughly the four cardinal points. I guess you could call them unused wards. I've meant for them to be wards for almost as long as I've had them, but for various reasons, I've haven't gotten many opportunities to place them around the room.

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