Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Magickal Monday #11

Seeking Help Through Dreams

The visualization portion of this spell is based on the spell "Reveal What Someone Thinks of You," found in the Divination Love Spells section of the main EUTM site.

Choose a goal. This can be a question you want answered, or perhaps a lead to follow, etc. If you want to, you can write down your goal on a piece of paper and place it under your pillow.
Choose a deity to work with. This can be your personal patron deity or a deity associated with your goal.
Choose a setting for your visualization. You're going to go visit your chosen deity and speak to them. You can go anywhere you like, but if you're not too good at visualization, you may wish to choose a location you are very familiar with to help you establish the setting in your mind's eye.
Choose an offering for your chosen deity. You will be visiting the deity in the astral realm, so why not choose an offering that doesn't exist in the physical realm? Or do you have something growing in your garden that you think your deity might enjoy? At the appropriate point in the visualization, you can tell the deity that you will soon leave Them an offering in the physical realm. If you want, you can choose to make both types of offerings. It's up to you.

The preparation can be done at any time. The visualization will take place before you go to sleep. If you want to use any sort of astrological timing, pick a time associated with your goal or deity.

The visualization:
Close your eyes and visualize the setting you choose. See that it is crowded there, with people speaking indistinctly. The crowd symbolizes the your subconscious mind. Across the way from you is your chosen deity. S/he will notice your presence, turn to you and make eye contact. Acknowledge Them and make your way through the crowd. See this deity interacting with the setting. S/he might be eating a meal at the local diner, or even watching a play in the park. If you want to, you can also interact with the setting. Eventually, the deity will turn and ask you what you've come to ask. Politely state your goal and your reason for it. The deity will agree. Here, you can either offer the deity something in the astral realm, or tell Her/Him that you will be leaving Them an offering in the physical realm. Thank your chosen deity and leave. See yourself walk through the crowd and disappear from the scene.

Go to sleep. You will receive what you asked for in your dreams.
When you wake up the next day, write down your answer. If you didn't receive a direct answer, write down any symbols that you feel pertain to your sign.
If you are going to make an offering in the physical realm, go do it.

I needed inspiration for something that I was asked to help write. I chose to work with the god Mercury for two reasons. At the time I performed this spell, I couldn't think of any deities associated with writing. I know that Mercury is associated with communication and writing is a form of communication, so I was pretty confident in my choice to work with Him. When I performed this spell, it was early on a Wednesday morning; a day attributed to Mercury. That's good astrological timing. I didn't choose a setting beforehand. I had read the spell that this spell was modeled after a few days before I attempted this visualization, and I worked from what I could remember of the original. A bar was what came to my mind when I thought of a crowded room.

I visualized myself in a bar. People are everywhere talking, but I can't pick out any distinctive conversations. Sitting at the bar, drinking a Red Bull is Mercury. He turns around and acknowledges me. I make my way though the crowd and sit on the empty stool next to Him. After a sip of the energy drink, He turns to me expectantly.
"I could use some inspiration with my writing. Could you please help me?" I ask.
I nod to the bartender, he serves Mercury another Red Bull and he gives me a 7-Up. Mercury nods his approval. I tell him that I will leave him an offering on my virtual altar later on. I take a few swallows of my soda and stand up. I walk through the crowd once more. When I reach the opposite side of the room, the room dissolves and I'm standing alone in bright white light.

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