Monday, December 19, 2016

Magickal Monday #6

Just in time for Yule I'm sharing a couple of my recipes.

Cookie Nog

It's not much of a recipe, but it tastes amazing. 😁

Eggnog (can be homemade or store bought)
International Delight Frosted Sugar Cookie liquid coffee creamer

1. Pour a cup or glass of eggnog. Don't overfill the cup, you'll want a little room for the creamer.
2. Add anywhere from a teaspoon to a tablespoon of creamer to the eggnog.
3. Enjoy! 

Visit for a collection of eggnog recipes, including alcohol free, low carb, low fat, and vegan versions of this classic holiday treat.

Yuletide Chai

1 bag Vanilla Chai tea
1 bag Cinnamon Chai tea
Cream/milk (amount is your preference)
Sugar (amount is your preference)
1 big cup (think tall coffee cup)

I chose this combination because cinnamon and spice are commonly associated with this time of year. 😋
I usually give instructions for tea by the gallon, but this time my tea is a single serving. The way I always make single servings of tea is to pour hot water from the tap over the bag(s)in a cup, the putting it all in the microwave. I put average size cups in for about 45 seconds so the cup's handle won't get too hot. For big, tall coffee cups, I double the time at least. if your cup's handle does become hot, please use caution. Either use a potholder, or let the cup sit in the microwave until cool. I add a little less sugar than I normally do so that I don't overwhelm the spicy flavor. Using milk or cream is up to you. I don't normally use either, but when I made this I used milk because that's what I had.
You can make adaptations for a gallon by doubling the amount of bags and using around a cup or so of sugar.

*You can say this is picky person approved. My boyfriend liked it so much that he wanted his own cup of it.  😉

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