Monday, December 12, 2016

Magickal Monday #5

Black Wards
Piece of paper (preferably small, and white, or a color you associate with protection, or the color of that which you wish to protect)
Black salt (see below for links to instructions)
Black Marker
Black candle
1.) As you work, visualize the wards discouraging people or other entities from trespassing.
2.) Draw a pentacle or other protective symbol in the center of the piece of paper. Carefully sprinkle a fine, narrow line of black salt on top of the outline of the pentacle or symbol.
3.) Light the candle and let it burn long enough to melt some of the wax.
4.) Carefully, drip the wax over the line of black salt, adhering the mixture to the paper. As you do this step, you can use any kind of chant, prayer or invocation that you want to.
5.) When the wax has dried, carefully fold the paper into quarters.
6.) Place the paper near what you're protecting. The ward can be used anywhere. Your only limit is your imagination.
Links for making black salt:
The Angelwood Grimoire
Black Salt
Black Salt uses and how to make your own
Video Link

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