Thursday, December 8, 2016

Birthday Week - It's My Birthday Tarot Spread

It's My Birthday Tarot Spread

Before I continue with Birthday week, I'd like to say that I'm a Novice Tarot reader. I do not have the confidence to read for anyone else, so please, do not ask me to read for you.
I'd also like to point out that I'm using the Juggalo Tarot. Some of the names of the cards in this deck are different than those in other decks. This deck can be purchased here:

The original "It's My Birthday Tarot Spread" can be found here:
The following is my interpretation of my reading for myself.

1. Five of Axes
2. Queen on Axes
3. Nine of Gats
4. King of Duckets
5. Nine of Duckets
6. Five of Duckets
7. Seven of Faygos

1. Celebrate – Change your mind/view, new plans, improvement, accept things as they are in order to grow

2. Lesson – Intelligence, things have gone smooth and efficiently, use your brain to make things work, be in control of yourself

3. Theme – Strength, persistence, expect to manifest great things, believe in yourself

4. Relationships – Increase, management, confidence

5. Work – Success, take things slow to enjoy what you have, success after a long battle

6. Health – Left out, long wait, a struggle to get what's needed, being OK with the negatives in life

7. Spirituality – Choices, enlightenment, clarity, maintain a balance, it's hectic; but keep going

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