Saturday, November 19, 2016


Let's talk about my names and why I have so many of them. 😝
It all started with KM Angelwood. It's the magickal name I chose as part of the initiation process into the coven I used to be a part of. The K is the name of a goddess. I know, fluffy, but I was at the time. The M is a word, at least I think it is. It's supposed to mean "infinite love," but putting it into Google Translate doesn't give me any kind of result. ....I think I've been living a lie for eleven years. 😣 
Angelwood is completely made up. The other coven members didn't want to share their magickal last name with me, so I had to come up with one on my own. I'm not sure why I needed a magickal first, middle and last name, but whatever. K and M were picked out from a sheet of paper with a few names of deities and a list of words from another language. I might still have that paper. Maybe. I couldn't think of a last name at the time, so I went home to sleep on it. I did, quite literally. I had a dream that I married a guy named Angelwood. I don't know if it was his first name, his last or if it was actually Angel Wood, but I liked the sound of it. KM Angelwood is still my magickal name, but it also serves a mundane purpose for when I sign up for things and don't want to use my real name. Thus my Google+ profile and Pinterest.
Echo of Shadows
In March of 2012, I joined EUTM. I believe I read something in the registration process there was something that said if you created a username that was witchy sounding, your account would get approved faster. This was my idea of something witchy. It really grew on me and sort of became another magickal name. I recently started using it again.
Frost Raven
I wanted a new magickal name when I created the Behind The Wand forum. Frost because I was born in December. Winter Raven didn't sound quite right, and technically early December is still fall. Raven came from Abigail, a friendly spirit raven that spent some time with me after the first time I contacted Odin. While I like Frost Raven, it hasn't quite stuck, so that's why I've gone back to using Echo of Shadows.

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