Friday, November 4, 2016

Echo's Samhain 2016

Let's start with the pictures first. πŸŽƒ
If you're not familiar with my Google + Witchcraft album, let my introduce you to my mini altar.... and I guess my candle holder too. 😜 The ghost on the left and the car carved into a pumpkin candle are among my oldest Halloween decorations, though I think I've had the ghost about a year longer. The skeleton that's second from the left is UV reactive and part of a beaded necklace. Unfortunately, I broke him in the process of putting him up there. I guess I should have tried to hang him the way I did here two years ago. The headstone second from the right is one I got in 2014 from a Dollar Tree.

I'll start from the back left:
Spider goblet (Gift from my boyfriend, couldn't find it last year)
Black and white votive candles (same as what's in the holder)
Step-Grandpa (his picture pretty much lives on my altar because I don't have anywhere to put it)
Grave dirt (old tequila bottle, I think)
Skull on a stem
Foam skull (my idea of sugar skull design)
Skull lip gloss 
Black rose trimmed in purple glitter
broken piece of marble (at least I think that's what it is)
Spells the owl (He's on my altar a lot. ^.^)
Light up skull (I didn't think to light him for the pics)
Novelty candles (fluorescent colored with spider webs)
Star shaped candle holder
Batty (among the first things I made when I finally learned to read crochet patterns this past summer.)

Bonus items (AKA stuff that wasn't meant to be there):
Strength card (from my Juggalo Tarot, had used it recently)
Cord (small, woven, serves no purpose yet)
Flashlight (left in the picture by accident, but resides there temporarily)(note to self: move it to box of glow stuff)
Earring (another accident, didn't even now it was in the pic until just now πŸ˜“)
Tiger puzzle (not on the altar, but still somewhat visible, fell off the wall)

 I'm a little disappointed with how this turned out. Batty, the foam skull and the novelty candles are all UV reactive, but you can't really see them. I guess if I want better pictures I'll have to put them closer to the black light.

Activities πŸŽƒ:

Around midnight I put a glass of water on the big altar and left it there for a while. From what I've read about ancestral altars, leaving a glass of water is pretty common. This was my first time doing so. I don't remember if I removed the glass when I went into the room to do other things, or if I left it there until morning.

Not long after that I listened to my favorite CD while I crocheted. You see, I thought my favorite CD had been lost since I hadn't seen it for a few years. I found it on Samhain 2013 when I was putting a away my ritual tools. I've been trying to make a tradition of listening to that CD every Samhain, but so far this is only the second time. In 2014, I forgot to listen to it, and in 2015 I didn't have a means to do so during the rituals.

Eventually I sat down for a dumb supper combined with divination. The dumb supper is a ritual I've managed to stick with, kind of, and the divination was something I did last Samhain. I started doing both because they both seem to be common Samhain activities. Basically, I sat on the floor eating a "Glo ball" and drinking milk while I drew 12 tarot cards for 2017.
You see, "Sno Balls" are the traditional birthday cake in my family. This tradition is almost as old as I am! While it's no one's birthday, I have been trying to share nice things during my dumb suppers. "Hey, I like this, maybe you will too." Actually, Step-Grandpa never got in on this tradition. He passed away 10 years before I was born. 😞 That's OK though, I might as well give him something nice for hanging around on my altar all the time. 😊😜

I don't get many opportunities to practice Tarot reading. In fact, Samhain 2015, was the last time I did. There were a couple of times when I was a moderator at EUTM that I would read cards to try to understand "questionable" members. The one time that I did a reading for another person, I wound up beating myself up over it afterward. I have bad social anxiety, so I pretty much told myself that I wasn't good enough to read Tarot for other people.

The one thing that I meant to do but forgot to was to charge my witch ball and bottle like I've done before on Samhain. I guess I ought to get to that soon since I don't remember when I last charged them. It might have been some time just after I moved in here, so earlier this year if I did. The bottle is two years old now and the ball is somewhere around the decade mark. πŸ˜„

By the way, the new emoji's are nice. I found this guy πŸŽƒ just because I was curious to see if drawing a jack-o-lantern would actually get me one. Big surprise! πŸŽƒ

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