Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Samhain!

Happy Samhain and welcome to another version of Behind The Wand!

Please excuse the dust while I sweep under the cauldron and attempt to put together something new. In the mean time, let me introduce you to the Behind The Wand family:
Tumblr (currently neglected but still in cyber space)
Pinterest (that link is to my general Witchcraft board. I also have a Tarot board that you may find interesting, or you could just follow me in general. Just be warned that I have eclectic tastes. ;))
There is currently a Behind The Wand forum, but I plan to shut it down, therefore I won't bother to link to it. It didn't turn out the way I had hoped, so I'm going to move things over here to Blogger, and eventually delete it.

Things are going to look awkward for a while as I settle in and try to get the blog customized. I hope that doesn't deter you, and that you stick around as I share my path of Witchiness with you.

Yes, I did start a Witchraft blog on Samhain. Cheesy, maybe, but it's a new year and a chance to start a new chapter of my spirituality.

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