Monday, December 18, 2017

Magickal Monday #56

Guardian Grumpy Cat

Pick an object that you want to be protected. If it fits, the object can be placed on your altar. If it's big, like your house or vehicle, you can go outside to look at it, or you look at a picture of it while you work. Envision Grumpy Cat superimposed over your object. See her sitting on your Book of Shadows guarding its secrets, or towering over your house. Visualize people seeing Grumpy Cat and backing away, or even turning and running!

This does work. I had a frienemy move into the neighborhood. Not long after I set Grumpy Cat up to guard my house, especially from her, she moved.

Caring for Grumpy
Guardian Grumpy Cat, her official title by the way  , is a spirit cat, and thus should be mostly treated like any other spirit and any other cat. Leave offerings for Grumpy just like you would any other spirit, the difference being that you offer items you would give to any pet cat. Think along the lines of cat food, catnip, stuffed mice, small balls that contain bells, etc.. You don't have to give Grumpy physical items, astral items work as well. You can pet her too. 

You can ask your Guardian Grumpy Cat to guard against specific people as well as to allow certain people access to your things. If you do set something up with specific people, don't forget to tell Grumpy Cat if you decide to give that person different permissions. For example, if someone has previously not been on Grumpy's "good list," and they're suddenly in your home a lot, they're not going to be very comfortable if you didn't tell Grumpy that it's okay for that person to be in your house. You can change your mind at any time, just remember to tell Grumpy Cat. 

*Note: The original "Guardian Grumpy Cat" was written in spring of 2014. "Caring for Grumpy" was written October 7, 2015.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Magickal Monday #55

Zero Fucks: End Of A Relationship Ritual

Inspired by this post:
The original is no longer available, but you can view it here:
This can be used for any relationship that has ended on a sour note, be it romantic, platonic, a business relationship, etc.. You are cutting all ties so that you can move on in a healthy way.
Timing: 8 days, starting & ending on Sunday
Supplies: Small candle. Should be large enough to burn for at least a few minutes each of the 8 days. Color is unimportant, but if you'd like you could choose black for endings or blue for healing.
Paper. Can use 1 large piece cut or torn into 8 smaller pieces. 8 scraps works just as well. The only requirement is that they're at least large enough to write your target's name on.
Fireproof container to safely burn the papers.
Extra: Colored pens or paper. Not necessary, but you can use a color associated with your target's zodiac sign, or even a color you personally associate with them. Perhaps they're the only person you know that drives a dark green car? Or maybe they wear a neon yellow windbreaker no one else would b caught dead in?
You can write the name of your target on each slip of paper before the entire ritual, or you can do it at the beginning of each night.
Starting on a Sunday night, light the candle and think of your target. Think of how the relationship ended and why. Think of how it makes you feel. Do not try to lessen the pain by thinking of the good times, nor dwell on what could have been had things worked out in a way you would have wanted. Take this as things being as they were meant to be.
Build up your emotions and when they peak, pour them into the paper. Light the paper while saying:
    "In the name of the Sun,
    Zero fucks given,
    Zero fucks returned."
Each night repeat the process, calling upon the appropriate planet each night.
Sunday - Sun
Monday - Moon
Tuesday - Mars
Wednesday - Mercury
Thursday - Jupiter
Friday - Venus
Saturday - Saturn
On the last night, which will be the following Sunday, the words change:
    "In the name of my greatest good,
    Zero fucks given,
    Zero fucks returned."
After the last strip of paper has burned, gather the ashes and the remains of the candle. Bury them somewhere you aren't likely to come back to or think about. Out of sight, out of mind.
If you find you find yourself still thinking of the relationship afterward, acknowledge the thought, let it go and move on. You can visual yourself reenacting the ritual. Do other things you enjoy to keep your mind off the relationship.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Magickal Monday #54

Crown = Clear Quartz
Third eye = Fluorite
Throat = Lapis
Heart = Green Aventurine
Solar plexus = Tiger's Eye
Sacral = Jasper
Root = Onyx

Monday, November 13, 2017

Magickal Monday #53

Astrological Correspondences

Dates - March 21 - April 19
Energies - Beginnings, action
Planet - Mars
Day - Tuesday
Quality - Cardinal fire
Tarot Card - The Sun
Colors - White, red, light red, pink, orange
Oils - Cedar, allspice
Herbs - Angelica, cedar, ginseng, allspice, basil, High John the Conqueror, carnation, juniper, frankincense, fennel, cumin
Stones - Bloodstone, red jasper

Dates - April 20 - May 21
Energies - Manifestation, security
Planet - Venus
Day - Friday
Quality - Fixed earth
Tarot Card - The Hierophant
Colors - Red, dark green, green, light green, burnt orange, blue, yellow
Oils - Vervain, lilac
Herbs - Horehound, mugwort, orleander, vervain, lilac, rose, valerian, vetivert, patchouli, oakmoss, cardamon, vanilla bean
Stones - Coral, fossils, jade, green jasper, malachite, sodalite, turquoise

Dates - May 23 - June 20
Energies - Movement, mental energy
Planet - Mercury
Day - Wednesday
Quality - Mutable air
Tarot Card - The Lovers
Colors - Red, purple, lavender, blue, silver, yellow
Oils - Rosemary, lavender
Herbs - Eyebright, hops, lemongrass, sage, lavender, marjoram, mint, clover, gum mastic, dill seed, anise
Stones - Agate, aventurine, fluorite, fossils

Dates – June 21 – July 22
Energies – Emotions, home environment
Planet – Moon
Day - Monday
Quality – Cardinal water
Tarot Card - Temperance
Colors – Green, white, silver, blue
Oils - Myrrh
Herbs – Chamomile, feverfew, heather, myrrh, lemon balm, eucalyptus, sandalwood, gardenia
Stones – Quartz crystal, geodes, holey stones, marble, moonstone

Dates – July 23 – August 22
Energies – Success, courage
Planet - Sun
Day - Sunday
Quality – Fixed fire
Tarot Card - Strength
Colors – Red, yellow, gold
Oils - Cinnamon
Herbs – Orange peel, galangal, rue, goldenseal, cinnamon, angelica, rosemary, sandalwood, frankincense, nutmeg, juniper, gum arabic
Stones – Amber, carnelian, citrine, quartz crystal, red jasper, sunstone, tiger-eye

Dates – August 23 – September 22
Energies – More Cookiesysis, service
Planet - Mercury
Day - Wednesday
Quality – Mutable earth
Tarot Card – The Hermit
Colors – Gold, purple, lavender, blue, silver, yellow
Oils – Rose, lavender
Herbs – Bergamot, fennel, summer savory, mint, lavender, marjoram, clover, patchouli, cypress, caraway, fern
Stones – Agate, aventurine, fluorite, fossils

Dates – September 23 – October 22
Energies – Beauty, socialization
Planet - Venus
Day - Friday
Quality – Cardinal air
Tarot Card - Justice
Colors – Black, dark green, green, light green, burnt orange, yellow
Oils – Lavender, lilac
Herbs – Clover, benzoin, lavender, spearmint, lilac, rose, valerian, vetivert, catnip, marjoram, thyme, mugwort
Stones – Coral, jade, sodalite, turquoise

Dates – October 23 – November 21
Energies – Regeneration, justice
Planet - Mars
Day - Tuesday
Quality – Fixed water
Tarot Card - Judgment
Colors – Red, light red, pink, orange, blue
Oils – Sandalwood, allspice
Herbs – Sandalwood, boneset, coltsfoot, thyme, allspice, basil, hops, High John the Conqueror, pine, myrrh, galangal, violets
Stones – Bloodstone, hematite, red jasper, obsidian, onyx

Dates – November 22 – December 22
Energies – Idealization, study
Planet - Jupiter
Day - Thursday
Quality – Mutable fire
Tarot Card – The Chariot
Colors – Gold, dark blue, blue, light blue, purple
Oils – Musk, nutmeg
Herbs – Cinquefoil, sage, nutmeg, betony wood, clove, hyssop, sassafras, cedar, star anise, dragon's blood, juniper
Stones – Amethyst, sugilite, turquoise

Dates – December 22 – January 19
Energies – Building, Business, rewards
Planet - Saturn
Day - Saturday
Quality – Cardinal earth
Tarot Card – The Devil
Colors – Red, black, midnight blue, indigo
Oils - Patchouli
Herbs – Mullein, patchouli, comfrey, Solomon's seal, vetivert, cypress, mimosa blossoms, vervain
Stones – Apache tear, fossils, hematite, brown jasper, jet, obsidian, onyx

Dates – January 20 – February 18
Energies – Humanitarian and group work
Planet - Uranus
Day - Saturday
Quality – Fixed air
Tarot Card – The Star
Colors – Blue, black, midnight blue, gray
Oils – Pine, cypress
Herbs – Fenugreek, pine, broom, clover, cypress, mimosa, slippery elm, lavender, patchouli, benzoin, mace, mint
Stones – Apache tear, fluorite

Dates – February 19 – March 20
Energies – Spiritual and visionary pursuits, transformation
Planet - Neptune
Day - Thursday
Quality – Mutable water
Tarot Card – The Moon
Colors – White, dark blue, blue, light blue, purple
Oils – Lemon, sandalwood
Herbs – Lemon balm, elder, lemon peel, orris root, honeysuckle, linden, maple, clove, sandalwood, sage, eucalyptus, anise, lemon
Stones – Amethyst, sugilite, turquoise

Monday, November 6, 2017

Magickal Monday #52

Thrifty Witch Dream Pillows

Dryer sheets
Pillow with case

Not crafty? Can't afford the supplies right now? Well, this was made with minimal budget and skill. Enjoy! 😁  

Buy some dryer sheets. It's a good investment since you can use the extras for laundry. Look for dryer sheets that include scents like lavender, vanilla or sandalwood. I have "white lavender and sandalwood" scented dryer sheets by Snuggle.
Take on dryer sheet and stick it in you pillow case on top of the pillow, right about where you normally lay your head. If you flip your pillow over often, why not add a second dryer sheet to the case on the other side of the pillow?
All done!

Want to add a little magick?

Correspondences for dreaming and sleep:
Moon phase -  Waxing to full
Planets -  Moon, Sun
Day -  Monday
Elements -  Fire, water
Deities -  Caer Ibormeith, Hypnos, Ikelos, Morpheus, Nodens, Nyx, Phantasos, Phobetor 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Magickal Monday #51

Warm Wishes Tea
*I thought this name had a nicer ring than "Get Well Tea." I made this tea the night before I had first published it, hoping to make my then sweetie feel better.
1 bag Green tea
1 bag Orange blossom hibiscus tea
Sugar (optional)
1 big cup (think tall coffee cup)
Visualization skill
Place the tea bags into the cup and pour hot tap water over them, filling the cup most of the way, but not completely full. Place the cup in the microwave for approximately 1 minute 30 seconds. If your cup's handle becomes hot, please use caution. Either use a pot holder, or let the cup sit in the microwave until cool. Add a bit of honey to your cup. I’d use about 2 tablespoons for a big cup. The purpose of the honey isn't to sweeten the tea, it’s just a healthy ingredient. The sugar is optional if the bit of honey added makes the tea sweet enough for you or someone else. Before drinking the tea yourself, or giving the tea to someone else, you’re going to use visualization. Carefully hold the cup and imagine it surrounded by white light. Pour all your feelings of warm wishes, happiness, blessings, etc., into the white light. See the light slowly pour into the tea. Drink, or share, and enjoy! 
*New addition October 2017:
If I suggest microwaving something, such as this or my Yuletide Chai, please note that you can make it using other methods. I microwave everything I can get away with because I'm impatient. 😆
In fact, you can tailor pretty much all of my spells and rituals to suit your needs. I encourage you to make things work for you, whether it's my material or that of someone else. Just remember to look into why something is done a certain way, before making changes. Above all else, have fun! ☺

Monday, October 23, 2017

Magickal Monday #50

Personal Water Recipes

Empower some water on a night that the moon is in your personal moon sign. Sun water can also be made pretty much the same way, just with the sun in your sun sign.

If you don't know what your moon or sun sign is, you can get a natal chart that will tell you where all the heavenly bodies were in the sky when you were born. For example, my moon sign is Virgo and my sun sign is Sagittarius. Here's a link to a site that will give you a free natal chart and an interpretation.

You could make several different batches of this water depending on what phase the moon was in when it was in your sign.  

New Moon, use for:  New beginnings of any sort, beauty, health, personal improvement or new employment.

Waxing Moon, use for:  Courage, motivation, inspiration, friendship, elemental magick, healing or luck.

Full Moon, use for:  Artistic projects, love, romance, fertility, psychic abilities or making decisions. Also healing, guidance, and completion spells.

Waning Moon, use for:  Banishing bad habits, addictions, or ending relationships.

Dark Moon, use for:  Healing, renewal, psychic spells. A good time to meditate on the inner self.

You could also make different batches for different purposes depending on what day the full moon occurred, what day the sun entered your sign etc.

Anniversary water can be made on a special day or night, like your birthday, the day you first started practicing magick/Witchcraft/Wicca etc., or the day you were initiated.

Sabbat water can be made during the sabbats and used either for sabbat specific workings, or for rituals that share a theme with a particular sabbat.

This list is to get you started. I'm sure you can come up with other ways to personalize charged water.  😎  

Monday, October 16, 2017

Magickal Monday #49

This spell is similar to its predecessor. The difference is that with this spell you are specifically sending love, but what kind of love is up to you. There is romantic love, family love and friendship love, just to name a few.
*This was inspired by  "Inner peace for another"  written by Moonface. Thank you for the inspiration.  

Sending My Love Spell 2

1 pink taper candle
Olive oil (or any of the oils listed below if you're not allergic to them)
Pink ribbon
1 pen/pencil/crayon/marker (pink if possible)
A picture of your loved one, something that belongs to them, or something that reminds you of them (optional)

1) Take a ritual bath, adding any of the plants listed below to the tub.

2) Anoint your forehead and heart with the oil, making sure to banish all negative thoughts.

3) At this point, you can create ritual space, cast a circle, call the quarters, and invoke a deity if you wish. If you do invoke a deity, make sure that at some point you specify to them what type of love you're sending. You don't want to accidentally send romantic love to a sibling.  

4) Carve the name of your loved one into the side of the candle, starting from the bottom and working your way to the top.

5) Anoint the candle in a manner of drawing things in. Though there are a couple ways to do this, for this spell you will lightly rub the oil from the bottom of the candle up, just as you carved your loved one's name from the bottom to the top.

6) Light the candle and place it on your altar. If you have any of the optional items listed above, place them on the altar as well. Spend a little time thinking of your loved one.

7) Write your loved one's name on the ribbon and tie it into a bow, to represent the infinity symbol.

8) Spend some time holding the ribbon in your hands and imagine your loved one feeling the love that you are sending to him/her.

9) Pin or tie the ribbon in your hair for a week. Or you can keep it in your pocket.

10) Extinguish the candle and keep it for step 13. You can also use it with step 12.

11) If you have done step 3, go ahead and release the deity and energies you called.

12) Before bed each night, take some time to visualize your loved one surrounded by your love, feeling happy and at peace. You can add in any other good thoughts you can think of for them. If you want to, you can also light the candle during this step.  

13) After the last day of the week that you have had the ribbon with you, use the pink candle to burn the ribbon. The ashes can be scattered in the wind, buried, or if you have a favorite house plant, put it into the soil. The candle can either be burned down, if there's any left at this point, or you can bury it.

14) About a week later, do a nice gesture for your loved one to remind them they are loved, and deserve to feel love and all the good things you wish for them. You might want to give them a small gift, bake some cookies, share a home cooked meal, a shoulder to cry on, whatever they need that you can give.  

Correspondences for "Sending My Love Spell 2"

Plants:  apple, apricot, bleeding heart, chamomile, cherry, cinnamon, crocus, daffodil, daisy, geranium, hyacinth, jasmine, lavender, lemon, lime, orange, orchid, pansy, peach, plum, primrose, raspberry, rose, strawberry, tulip, vanilla, violet
Day:  Friday
Planetary Hour:  Venus
Moon Phase:  full
Astrological Sign:  Libra
Totem Animal:  Swan
Oils:  apple blossom, coriander, cyclamen, rose, violet
Incense:  apple, cherry, dragon's blood, ginseng, jasmine, lavender, rose, strawberry 

Monday, October 9, 2017

Magickal Monday #48

Simple Holy Water
Water (whether you use tap water, purified water or rain water is a personal preference)
A container (I recommend a cup)
Salt (sea or table salt will work)
*When I make this, I usually make it in either a cup or in my bath tub because I'm fond of bathing in holy water when I don't feel well. My reason for making it in a cup most of the time is that it allows for easy stirring.
Pour the water into a container. Add a few few pinches of salt. Stir the water deosil three times with the index finger of your dominant hand, saying the following as you do:
"Three times round,
three times bound,
I consecrate thee, holy water."
Imagine the container filling with bright, white light.
Pretty simple, right? 😄